Discover Various Industries Secudrive is Guarding

An electronics company implements secure file-link sharing on Windows Server for leak-proof collaboration
Energy Company
VDI solution alternative for network scarce areas
IT Asset Disposition Service
IT asset disposition service creates an ideal disk wiping scenario for customers
Financial Consultancy
Content aware, tracked and safe transport of exported files for financial consulting firm
Tech Company
Tech company implements leakproof method of data transport to abide by partner’s security requirements
Bank/Life Insurance
Bank implementing manageable encrypted USBs for secure general use
Credit Card
Credit card company implements remote disk wiping to destroy data on branch office computers
Developers working from home with the security of the office network using a VPN
Enterprise SW Provider
Enterprise prevents data leaks in DFS and WSFC environments
Engineering Consultancy
Protection of Intellectual Property for Worldwide Engineering Consulting Company
Bank/Life Insurance
Bank requires disk wiping of all machines after software development project