IT Asset Disposition Service Company Creates an Ideal Disk Wiping Scenario for Customers


L Co., an IT Asset Disposition service company, has been looking for a new method to be able to provide higher customer satisfaction for their data destruction services.
Currently, it has been difficult for both L Co. and their potential customers because their customers are wary about their disks security since the unwiped machines have to be brought to their service trucks or delivered to their service centers.
The current system is not working and L Co. wants a new way to eliminate their customers’ concerns.


SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Enterprise Manager 3.0


• Provide customers with better service and satisfaction
• Eliminate the worries that customers have when using a service company


SECUDRIVE has offered L Co. a new strategy where the business and the customer can mutually benefit. The new system would make L Co. stick out from their competition who are implementing the old method of data destruction and eliminate the intrinsic worries associated with using a service company.

Service Agreement

SECUDRIVE has joined with L Co. in order for them to provide SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Enterprise to their customers. This way, L Co. can create a service agreement with their customers and provide disk licenses to their customers on a regular basis. L Co. now has a better idea of how many licenses their customers will regularly need and can plan accordingly.

Let Them Do It

The customers can then wipe their machines themselves before they send it to L Co. for recycling or permanent disposal. This takes the worry of missed disks and data theft out of the equation since everything can be done internally. The solution is incredible easy and can be remotely implemented, deployed, and performed so it is not a bothersome task for the customer.

Wipe Them Move, not Move Them Wipe

By having the customer do the wiping, all transported disks are already cleared of data so they can be moved and transported safely to L Co.’s facilities. The wiped disks can then be resold, recycled, or physically destroyed if necessary.

Credit Program

L Co. then offers to provide a discount on next year’s disk licenses if the customer is to send L Co. the wiped disks. The customer doesn’t want them so they gladly send it to L Co.’s facilities where they will either be resold or recycled. The following year’s licenses are then discounted or credited, improving overall customer satisfaction because they are essentially getting free or heavily discounted disk wiping.