Tech Company Implements Leak-proofed Method of Data Transport to Abide by Partner’s Security Requirements


T Company has been commissioned by their partner, an electronics company, B Inc., to create components for their new product lineup. Before starting the project, B Inc. informed T Company that they have specific requirements in regards to handling collaborative data.
T Company basically needs to implement a solution which will prevent users from accidentally or maliciously leaking any data pertaining to the project.
T Company often shares data through cloud services when internet is available and use USBs to transport data if internet connection is not guaranteed. This requirement was problematic since their current cloud and USBs were not able to prevent data leaks for authorized users.


SECUDRIVE File Server 6.0
SECUDRIVE USB Management Server 3.0


• Prevent data from being leaked when sharing or transporting data
• Compatibility with Cloud Servers
• Safe method of data transport in offline situations
• Careful monitoring and logging of all file and user activity


SECUDRIVE provides T Company a solution that would allow them to go about their business as usual while abiding by B Inc.’s security requirements. T Company would still be able to use their current methods of file sharing using cloud servers and USBs while simultaneously being able to monitor, log, and control user’s ability to copy, print, screen capture, and transfer files through the network.

Cloud Compatibility

T Company uses a cloud server when sharing data but they do not have any data leak protection features. They would rather not have to move files in order to abide by B Inc.’s security requirements. Once they installed FS 6.0, they were able to use their current cloud server configuration but they now have peace of mind when sharing files.

Offline Transport

In the event where employees need to export and transport files from the server because they are not sure whether or not cloud access will be possible, SECUDRIVE File Server 6.0 (FS 6.0) can safely export files to SECUDRIVE USB Office+ (UO). UO is embedded with the same data leakage technology as FS 6.0 where files cannot freely leave the USB drive.
Though the USB is remotely managed and typically requires network connection, it can be set to work offline. Since the USB is password protected, hardware encrypted and protected from unauthorized copying, T Company is not worried about data leaks when offline. Also, all activity is logged while offline as well and will be synced back to the management console once network connection is reestablished.

Detailed Monitoring and Logging

FS6.0 is able to monitor file, user, and manager activity for all servers from a central console. All logs can be filtered for specific file activity, and monitoring capabilities include real-time activity monitoring, viewing of connected users, and data traffic monitoring.