Protection of Intellectual Property for Worldwide Engineering Consulting Company


For an engineering consulting company, “D Consulting Services,” they have consultants worldwide that need to produce results and reports for their clients using software that uses specific files which contain the company’s intellectual property.
The intellectual property consist a lot of information that has been gathered over a long period of time which in turn generates their “product” for the client. If these files are leaked, competitors could ultimately reproduce the same results which would be detrimental to D Consulting Services’s business. It puts the company at risk since the consultants could steal, sell, or distribute the data. Worse yet, they could take it and start a competing company of their own.

Since the consultants are spread throughout the globe, it is very difficult to manage them. They could be working from home, a café, or in a public setting while unintentionally putting data at risk by emailing intellectual property between consultants or transferring them through unsecure methods of transport.
Intellectual property has to be periodically updated as well, so files need to be transferred to the consultants. Traditional means do not provide enough security for D Consulting Services because encryption methods fail to protect against internal threats such as employee mistakes or malicious theft.


SECUDRIVE USB Management Server 3.0


• Prevent leaks of intellectual property
• Ability to update intellectual property through secure channels
• Monitoring and logging all user activity
• Time limitations for file access
• Easy deployment, integration, and management


UMS 3.0 and USB Office+ can allow D Consulting Services to effectively manage, monitor and control all users’ access rights as well as provide safe means for updating intellectual property, all while prevent data leaks.

Data Leakage Prevention

USB Office+ is a very unique USB flash drive since it has the ability to block copying, printing, screen capture, and network transfer of stored data. This means that for D Consulting Services’s intellectual property, once stored, data cannot leave the USB flash drive.
Users will still be able to work as normal, but instead of pulling the intellectual property from their PCs, they just set it so that their software pulls from the USB instead.

Secure File Transfers

The intellectual property has to be updated from time to time so D Consulting Services needs a method to send files to their users without running the risk of external or internal data leak.
Simply encrypting a file and emailing or transferring it to the consultants is not secure enough since the file is later decrypted on their PCs, leaving it susceptible to data leaks.
Luckily for D Consulting Services, UMS 3.0 offers a method where you can transfer the files directly to our SECUDRIVE USB Office+, which is protected from insider leaks with its ability to block all forms of copying and the device is AES 256-bit hardware encrypted as well to protect from outside threats.

Encrypted Export

Files sometimes do have to be sent between consultants as well so they need a method where they can safely transfer files to each other.
With UMS 3.0, the USBs can be set to that they can export files as encrypted files and can be sent freely through email or messengers. The files can only be decrypted back onto one of D Consulting Services’s authorized SECUDRIVE USB Office+ so that consultants can share files amongst themselves without the administrator having to worry about data leaks.

Remote Controls

D Consulting Services wants the ability to update security settings as ensure that data cannot be stolen. UMS 3.0 accomplishes this by first, being able to remotely kill USBs that are lost or stolen ensuring that all stored data, encryption keys, and server information is all destroyed.
D Consulting Services also wants to limit some of the USBs to one be able to be used until a specific date. So once the project is over, the USB will lock itself and the user will not be able to log in until Company S decides to unlock it.
Their consultants often forget their passwords as well, so D Consulting Services needs a simple method of resetting them. D Consulting Services has the option of resetting them or allowing a security question so that the consultants can reset the password.

Server Management as a Service

Since D Consulting Services is does not want to set up the server for UMS 3.0 so they requested that SECUDRIVE manage it for them. SECUDRIVE manages the server for UMS 3.0 as a service with monthly data backups and maintenance as needed.
Since the administrator also travels a lot, the UMS 3.0 service was installed on a cloud server so that the administrator can communicate and control the consultants from any location as long as he had internet access.