VDI Alternative for Network-scarce Remote Workers


An Energy company, K Energy, was looking for a solution that would allow their remote employees to work securely while in developing countries. The employees often have to go to these countries to find energy sources but network connection is scarce and their current security solution does not allow for offline use of PCs.
Currently, they have implemented a virtual desktop environment (VDI) solution but the system will not work in the absence of internet connection. So if they want to send employees to these areas, they are either unprotected or unable to work. Both options are less than ideal.
So, K Energy wants a method where their employees can be monitored or tracked while in offline situations while still having the security of their VDI solution: preventing data leaks.


SECUDRIVE USB Management Server 3.0


• Prevent data leaks of energy development plans and related files
• Allow users to work in offline environment without sacrificing security
• Ability to edit files and work as normal
• Monitoring and logging all user activity


UMS 3.0 and USB Office+ can allow K Energy to allow employees to work in network scarce areas without sacrificing security. They will be able to store confidential files on SECUDRIVE USB Office+ and work offline while the administrator can have peace of mind since the USB prevents data leaks and records logs even while offline.

Tracked Offline Usage

The USB policy settings can be made so that the users can be allowed to use the USBs in the absence of network connection. All logs are still recorded while in the offline state and will be synced to the management console once network connection is restored.
The administrator also has the ability to limit the number of offline logins or create a expiration date for the USB in order to prevent excessive usage while offline.

Data Leakage Prevention

USB Office+ has the ability to block copying, printing, screen capture, and network transfer of stored data. So K Energy’s development contracts and plans will not be accidentally or purposely taken from the USB.

Detailed Monitoring and Logging

FS6.0 is able to monitor file, user, and manager activity for all servers from a central console. All logs can be filtered for specific file activity, and monitoring capabilities include real-time activity monitoring, viewing of connected users, and data traffic monitoring.