Content Aware, Tracked and Safe Transport of Exported Files for Financial Consulting Firm


For the Financial Consulting Firm, S Co., they handle a lot of private financial information for their clients such as bank account balances, monthly expenses and assets in order to help their clients create a retirement plan.
So the company needs a method to prevent data leaks from the PC as well as be able to transport files out of the PCs in a safe manner since consultants are part of small teams and often collaborate. They need a solution that is content aware so that files containing account numbers or social security numbers are not being exported to these PCs.


SECUDRIVE Device Control Enterprise


• Ability to prevent data leaks from the PC
• Content awareness so that personal information such as social security numbers is not being exported to USBs
• Allow for safe transportation of files out of the PC


SECUDRIVE provided a system where files can only be exported to specified copy-protected USB. This created an environment where the exported files can only go into secure USB devices where files cannot leave the safety of the USB drive.

Content Awareness

For files that are exported from the PC to an authorized USB drive, they can be filtered so that specific keywords or RegEx values can be found in documents and effectively blocked from entering the USB (even if it is an authorized USB).

Combined Effort

By combining Device Control Enterprise (DCE) and USB Office (UO), consultants can record and store personal data about their clients on their PCs without being able to leak through any of the PC ports. When files do need to be transported out of the PC, it can only be done through a registered UO which prevents copying, printing, screen capturing, and network file transferring functions.

Tracked and Backed Up

Files that are exported from the PC to the authorized UO are backed up and tracked in the manager’s console in order to maintain data integrity. Files that have been exported can be monitored closely through the detailed logging functionality of DCE.

Blocked Ports

Aside from the secure method of transport using UO, files cannot leave the PC since all network sharing and ports are blocked. All other USB devices are blocked in order to ensure that data on the PC stays on the PC.

Peace of Mind for the Client

The consultants now tell their clients about the security systems that are in place to protect client data. By doing so, consultants are able to build a stronger relationship with clients by showing that the company cares about the safety and security of their information and that they took the extra steps to ensure its safety.