Credit Card Company Implements Remote Disk Wiping to Destroy Data on Branch Office Computers


M Credit Card Company is in need of a new disk wiping system. M Credit Card Company has many branch offices so they need a solution that can wipe disks in different geographical locations.
Since they have many branch offices, the data destruction service companies cannot cover all of them easily. So the computers have to be transported to the headquarters which is a huge security risk if they are unwiped.


SECUDRIVE Sanitizer Enterprise Manager 3.0


• Ability to wipe disks in remote locations through the network to wipe before transporting them
• Ability to wipe multiple disks simultaneously
• Detailed reporting and monitoring of wiping process
• Easy implementation and deployment


SECUDRIVE offers a remote disk wiping solution that is incredibly easy to implement, deploy and initiate. The system fulfills their requirement for needing a solution that can wipe their systems in remote locations while monitoring the process through the network. They only need one person to wipe hundreds of disks simultaneously with only a couple clicks of the mouse.

Remote Wiping for Branch Offices

Disks have to be wiped throughout M Credit Card Company’s multiple branch offices and they want a convenient way to manage the process through a centralize location. M Credit Card Company’s wants to be able to wipe all decommissioned computers immediately so that they are not moved while still containing confidential data. Wiped disks can then be moved safely to storage or to service companies for permanent disposal or recycling.

Reporting and Monitoring

M Credit Card Company’s needs to have detailed reporting as well as monitoring capabilities, especially if they are going to be wiping form a centralized location. Since the data contained in these machines are comprised of private financial personal and business information as well as personal customer information as well. M Credit Card Company’s will need some sort of confirmation that the data has been completely wiped before they reuse, recycle, or transport the disk for permanent disposal.

Easy, Simple Implementation

The entire installation and deployment process can be done remotely by using an Active Directory (AD) GPO. The remote wiping software is then remotely installed onto M Credit Card Company’s machines, allowing the administrator to wipe them when necessary. There is no need to log into the machines prior to disk wiping and nothing needs to be set up in the BIOS to perform the wipe as well.