File Server Security

Secudrive File Server Security prevents data from leakage through shared folders on your file server or NAS, providing a secure file sharing environment. Every business must be equipped with a secure file server in order to keep all of your important work data inside the company server, and out of personal PCs.

USB Security

Secudrive USBs have the AES 256-bit crypto chip and the Trend Micro’s USB anti-virus vaccine installed in the USB drive, giving the user the utmost security for USBs. Especially Office and CAD series provide copy-protection and remote management feature together with Secudrive USB Management Software.

Device Control

Secudrive Device Control surveils all devices connected to the PC. It sets each external memory devices’ access authorization to ‘access granted,’ ‘blocked,’ and ‘read-only,’ and prevents internal information from being leaked out.

Disk Erasure

Before selling or disposing used PCs, a complete wipe should be executed to prevent information leakage. With Secudrive Sanitizer, stored data on a PC is wiped completely software-wise so that the data will be unrecoverable.

Content Security

Secudrive Content Security provides a copy protection solution for companies distributing publications or media content using normal USB memory. It prevents the leakage of video, music, PDF, Flash, HTML based content, MS Office, CAD, user-developed applications and more.